Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Lucy's tale

Lucy is a little tired today, she had a run in with a Australian Shephard crazy eye dog this morning on her walk and is recuperating. It seems the Shephard, name Tye, doesn't like it when he is laying obediently and a small pug jumps on his head. Lucy got a loud barking to in the face and a good scare, so hopefully now she'll learn that not all dogs like to wrestle - as crazy as that may seem.

I am going mountain biking this weekend and am scrambling to find a pug sitter for Friday night as another pug will be coming to visit. It will be a lot of fun to have Wellington over for a while, they really do keep each other entertained and I get a good laugh at Lucy trying to hump him all the time. One issue though, Wellington is scared to use the doggie door and just stands there barking while Lucy flies in and out. It gets old fast and leads to him having accidents inside. Before anyone gives me ideas about training him, everything has been tried - it just doesn't matter!