Thursday, December 20, 2007

We're the pugs and we're taking over

Many humans really short change the abilities of us pugs. They think just because we speak a slightly different language and don't have opposable thumbs we are simply meant to cuddle and be obedient. Not so fast you two legged walking freaks. Please observe this photo, it clearly shows that I am in control. Many dogs can't drive, I wouldn't trust driving to a labrador or a terrier for example - they tend to fixate on food and things to tear apart. However, we pugs, being of royal temperment in the courts of Fueng Shwei the Magnificant (look it up, edumacate yourself), are perfectly adapt for driving cars, piloting airliners and various other heavy machinery.

I'd write more but right now my pops has a date holding my bully stick so I can get my chew on.

Four fingers in the air with a dew claw in da middle.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Pug Predator

Most humans think that pit bulls are the most dangerous and fearsome dogs, but that couldn't be farther than the truth. I routinely hunt down humans and have my way with them. I will post a picture tonight of me taking down a large specimen and then eating him, I may be cute but I will eat your face off. As you can cleary see, I ate this human and then ran off with the hand and buried it. Let this be a lesson to you humans, I am fierce and a meat eater.

Oh, and heres my Halloween costume about two months late. Everyone in the hood laughed at me, I don't get it?